Why You Should be Using Caffeine in your Skincare!

Want beautiful skin? Try coffee! Caffeine from coffee is increasingly being used in skincare due to its multiple skin benefits! Incorporating products using caffeine in your skincare routine can provide you with rejuvenated and beautiful skin! Some of its skincare benefits of caffeine are as follows. Fights Free Radicals: Free radicals are responsible for causing premature skin aging, which includes wrinkles, sun spots and loss of elasticity. Caffeine contains powerful antioxidants that attack free radicals and eliminate them, resulting is smoother, healthier skin. It also inhibits the growth of skin cancer cells! Soothes Inflammation: Caffeine possesses anti-inflammatory properties that make...

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Why Sulfates Are Bad For Your Hair

WHAT ARE SULFATES? Sulfates are essentially cleaning agents used in many products that create suds.  They are an inexpensive lathering agent and also help remove dirt and oil from your hair. In the past, the presence of suds has made consumers feel as though the product was working. As it turns out, the sulfates that produce the chemical process aren't very good for your skin or your hair! So if sulfates are cleaning your hair, why do we advise you to avoid them? All sulfates dry out your hair and damage hair follicles which results in hair loss.  Sulfates also...

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Orange Peel Wax-Nature's Miracle for Skin

Picture a beautiful ripe orange hanging on a tree.   Have you ever thought about how this orange can grow so perfectly and sustain itself in the hot sun, wind and other environmental factors that seem so harsh?  Oranges have an amazing ability to protect themselves primarily with the wax they produce.  The wax is held in the peel of the orange and provides a protective barrier between the external environment and the inner, delicate orange flesh.  It is full of antioxidants that fight free radicals, fight off infections, diseases and other stressors.    And this miraculous compound does the same...

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The Best Foot Cream for Cracked Heels

cracked heels dry feet dry heels foot care

If you suffer from dry heels finding the best foot cream for cracked heels can be a challenge. Dry, cracked heels are one of the most irritating and unpleasing aspects of foot skin care. They can be painful, they look awful and make you self-conscious. The good news is, there are natural ways to repair dry, cracked heels. But first, let’s look at what causes this condition. Dry, cracked heels can be caused by any number of things. The main reason is obviously lack of moisture. The type of moisture really does matter. Most products today are made from water...

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Natural Moisturizers vs. Synthetic Moisturizers

Coconut oil natural moisturizers olive oil organic moisturizers organic skin care

When considering natural moisturizers as an alternative to most store brands, understand that most commercial moisturizers are made primarily with water and synthetic emollients that give the feeling of moisture, but once the water dries, the skin is once again dehydrated. Many of these products are a waste of money since they are quickly absorbed or evaporated and are not actually repairing skin health or replenishing vital nutrients like natural moisturizers will. Skin needs natural moisture from plant-derived oils and organic emollients that our bodies know how to use effectively. Natural Moisturizers contain a multitude of vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, proteins...

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